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Wine Charms

Look to the elegance and style of Stemart wine charms.

Stemart is the perfect hostess or party gift.
Each individual stemart has a pliable frame for ease of use
and a decorative colored marble or stone to help everyone know which glass is theirs

Available in 6 distinct colors of clear marbles, opaque marbles, and stones.
Sold as a boxed set of 6 pieces

Marbles PRICE: $30 (box of 6)
Stones PRICE: $35
(box of 6)

approximate size (box): 2" x 8"
approximate size (piece): 1-3/4" x 2-1/2"

free standard shipping to the U.S.
expedited upon request (additional cost)

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Other Wine Accessories

Table Top Wine Bottle Holder
Great as a center piece

PRICE: $32 - includes votive candle holder and tea candle

approximate size: 5" x 12" 4"
free standard shipping to the U.S.

Hanging Wine Bottle Holder

PRICE: $42
approximate size (hanger): 2" x 12"
approximate size (tier - 2 included): 12" x 20"

free standard shipping to the U.S.