Paul GerardiPaul Gerardi musician

Musician & Performing Songwriter

"In February of 1992, while working as a radio traffic reporter, I was flying in a small aircraft that was hit by another small plane. As I watched the other plane approach, there was a timeless space where I thought my physical life was to end. Even though there was a mid-air collision and both planes landed safely, I was forever changed. Following the crash I began singing and writing songs, things I will always do, things that bring through joy and love of life."

Born in New York, raised in Florida, now living in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, Paul Gerardi is a renaissance man of music and craft whose diverse experiences include songwriter, on-air radio personality, dishwasher, music directorship of various radio formats from country/folk music to traditional jazz, busboy, airborne traffic reporter, fry cook, educational assistant in general and special education, poet, Volkswagen mechanic, and a touring performing songwriter who has traveled 36 US states and 6 Canadian provinces.

His music, songs, and poetry are found on his CD’s The Mosaic, A Night in the House, and Naked Truth, in the art film Butterfly Dreams, and a choral arrangement of his song Looking for Peace was sung and recorded by the Rogue Valley Peace Choir. Mr. Gerardi is a veteran performer of over 45 festivals, concert venues, and cafe's. He has also performed his uplifting and poetic contemporary folk music for Sunday services in over 40 churches throughout North America, and his poem Florida, My Friend won honorable mention in the 1998 Best of Florida Poetry Contest at the Florida based Will McLean Music Festival.

Gerardi’s song crafting skills emerged from his love of music and words, his diverse life experiences, and a near death encounter as a result of a mid-air plane collision. With musical roots varying from jazz to traditional folk to big band and rock, Paul Gerardi's personal style is somewhat difficult to pigeon-hole. Even so, it would be fair to describe his music as poetic contemporary folk.

Mr.Gerardi began songwriting in 1992, performing in 1994 and was a regular on the Florida folk festival scene from 1998 to 2004 making repeat appearances at the Will McLean Music Festival, Wings and Strings, the Lake County Folk Festival, the Barberville Fall Jamboree, the Pioneer Heritage Festival and the Ka'Tiki Florida Folk Night. He has also been a featured performer in the Orlando based Langford Park Concert Series, the Sarasota Visual Arts Center Concert Series, the Sailing Squadron, and was a regular performer at the Yalaha Country Bakery which is highly regarded for its roster of local and national folk artists.

From 2004 to 2008, Gerardi traveled North America with his family, performing at cafes, markets, festivals, and churches, including appearances at The Alaska State Fair, the Alaska Garden and Art Show, the Kenai River Festival, KDLL’s Art and Music Festival, Kasilof Music Festival, the Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival, Seldovia 4th of July Celebration, Homer Street Fair, and the Flowertown Festival in South Carolina.

Mr. Gerardi and his family now live in Southern Oregon, in the community of Ashland. He continues to perform locally and regionally. His CD's will soon be available for purchase through Gerardi Gems.