The Psychic Shield e-Book

Thanks for your interest in The Psychic Shield, a pendent that continuously broadcasts a range of precise frequencies working in harmony to shield the mind and body. Drawing from extraordinary new information about rocks and stones and how particular stone recipes can serve as a support system to enhance one’s journey towards spiritual maturity, this presentation introduces the nine stones that comprise the Shield and explains how they work together to create mental clarity and protection with physical grounding and well-being.

The extraordinary technology used to record and infuse the properties of the nine stones into the three crystal components that comprise the Shield—consisting of two triangles and one rain drop crystal—is also described.

The design of the Shield begins with three Swarovsky crystals (see photo.) Each is imprinted with a specific stone recipe. The technology employed for the imprinting process is able to record the vital force signature of each stone and then amplify and infuse it precisely into each crystal matrix for storage and frequency broadcast.

The three components of the Shield include: (1) a clear crystal triangle (upper section) imprinted with five stones functioning as one set to create a psychic immune system; (2) a lower crystal triangle holding the recordings of three stones that work together to ground the body and balance the body’s atomic orbits and polarities and (3) a rain drop crystal that attaches to the bottom triangle with the recording of one of Earth’s rarest stones emanating a frequency that supplants negative egos.


The Shield Concept: Background and Physics

To understand and appreciate the creative workings of the Shield, certain concepts are described, including the no defense system for the psyche of the mind, atomic orbits and how they function in the human body and the role of balanced polarities for vibrant health. The specific functions of each of the three components of the Shield are profiled below along with the properties of each of the nine stones that constitute the recipe for the Shield effect.